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An 'old fashioned' classic Riesling



Mineral notes of ripe fruit and a light sherry note characterize this wine that is aged for at least 12 months on full yeast in oak barrels. A natural wine without additives or treatments that you serve cool and needs a little air after opening. In this way, the wine opens completely and comes into its own


Food pairing

You can drink this wine as it is, but can also be combined excellently with food, even with somewhat more solid dishes with butter.


The name?

The first day of the first harvest, two machines broke down and the last grapes were removed from the vineyard with artificial light. Selection and pressing followed during a tough night, which finished just before the next picking day which started at 6 am. So a never ending day and night and a perfect reference to the base wine of the domain.

It’s always there and it’s a wine that’s guarantees pleasant moments anytime, anywhere.



A modern and fine Riesling


Count on a fresh, pure, mineral wine that has matured for 9 months on the full yeasts in tanks of 2,000 liters. This is supplemented with 3 additional months of further ripening on the fine yeasts.


Food pairing

This wine stands its ground independently, but can also be combined perfectly with light dishes such as salads, seafood, risotto, ... Serve fresh is the message, but this wine tolerates a degree more than the Infinity.


The name?

The wine owes its name to Emperor Constantin, who spent many holidays here and of which a monument can still be found in the cellar


An outsider: a strong, full Riesling



An atypical Riesling, full and strong. More to the style of a Burgund; After the normal fermentation, the wine undergoes partly a short malolactic fermentation. This ensures a full, strong wine with fruity notes and a little touch of butter, like a fine Burgundy.


Food pairing

This fuller wine goes well with a gourmet meal. Everything from the water matches, but chicken, turkey and grill dishes can also be combined well. This wine also comes into its own with Asian dishes.


The name?

Saint Anthony gave his name to this wine. It is one of the domain's vineyards and this wine is also grown there.



An exclusive GG or “Grand Cru Classé” like the Frenchmen love to say.


This special wine comes from the very best piece of vineyard on the domain. The grapes come from the oldest vines of which the yield is kept very low. Each grape is individually selected and has been left on the skin for 48 hours after inflammation and bruising, which brings out the full flavor. An exceptional item with white wine. Afterwards, an ultra-soft pressing follows and only the best juice is retained.


After pressing, this wine is put in a very special and exclusive wooden barrel and undergoes a maturation on full yeast for at least 12 months, after which it is immediately bottled.


This wine is only made in the peak years.


Food pairing

A wine for connoisseurs and freaks that is very successful in gastronomy. This wine is best served with a dish. This can be a firm fish, poultry, cheese or even an exotic dish.


The name?

As a tribute, the wine was named after Dad Carlos, an incredible support on the estate and in the whole live of the owner. Carlito is the nickname for Carlos in Spain and Portugal and means also 'strong man'. A beautiful gesture with meaning.

An appreciated classic


This wine hovers somewhere between dry and semi-dry and is a true classic in Germany. The wine is appreciated and for many connoisseurs falls under the Grosses Gewächs classification, which is equivalent to a Grand Cru Classé. The wine comes from a top vineyard that is qualitatively at the level of a GCC, but deliberately does not pursue that status. The wine undergoes a similar process to the Carlito, with the difference that this wine only remains on the skin for 24 hours and is aged for 12 months in oak barrels. The fermentation has also stopped a little earlier to be able to keep the 15g residual sugar.


You can drink it young, but you can just as well put this wine in the cellar for a while, where it transforms from fresh, mineral and fruity to a typical old Riesling.


Food pairing

This Riesling is perfect to drink as is, but can also be served with spicy food or cheese, etc.


The name?

Saint Maximin gave its name to this wine. It is the name of the domain and of the old vineyard in front of the house. The name refers to the Holey Maximin and the related Maximiner Abbey in Trier, one of the oldest abbeys in Western Europe.

Maximiner pralat.jpg

ELLA (semi-dry)

Sweet as the daughter


The story of this wine is similar to that of the Maximiner Prälat, but the wine is a lot sweeter. A wine that you can keep for a long time. Part of the wine is sold, but part is also kept aside for the daughter. The wine can now be drunk, but it also has storage potential.


Food pairing

Perfect with a delicious piece of foie gras. And although it is not a typical dessert wine, this wine is a perfect match for desserts.


The name?

Daughter Ella was born in October 2018 and lent her name to this wine. A sweet wine suits the daughter perfectly. Some of the wine is typically for such wines kept in the treasury for special moments in the future live of daughter Ella. 

Drinking a first wine named after yourself: special.

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