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Our vineyards? Historical heritage with roots dating back to Roman times. The best terroirs were chosen by them and the later monks and you can still taste that today.

A domain made for viticulture


What characterizes them? First and foremost, the perfect location on a steep southern slope well known as 'Steillagen' winegrowing. An age-old technique, in which wine is grown on a site with a slope of more than 30 degrees, in our case this is an average of 54% with the steepest parts being more than 80%.
Vineyards that also enjoy an exceptional microclimate and a natural shelter that stimulates maturation. These are all factors that make our vineyards what they are: exceptional. 

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The exceptional terroir? You can taste that!

What makes our vineyards so special? The exceptional terroir : the microclimate, the location, the vines, the soil, the care given to the planting and the expertise acquired over the centuries: these are all things that you recognize in the terroir and in the quality of the wine. For hundreds of years, passionate winemakers have focused on the wines that characterize our domain. Always looking for the purest and most intense flavors. Our delicious wines cannot be compared with any other wine, which is exactly what we understand by terroir.




No, our wines are not average, but it is also not our intention to please everyone. Count on exceptional wines, made with respect and an eye for authenticity. Wines with a distinct character in which you can clearly taste the terroir.

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What do we mean by ' Characterful '?

❖ Pure and authentic wines     

❖ The perfect synergy between soil and grape     

❖ A distinct taste and complexity     

❖ Guaranteed and controlled quality     

❖ Exceptional wines in limited quantities     


And above all: uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

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