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      A Rich History...


Weingut maximin staadt, located in kastel-staadt, is one of the oldest wine estates in germany. The history of this field takes us centuries back up in the roman time era followed b y the prussian empire. Later in history in ca. 1582 the estate came into the possession of the monks of the maximiner abdei in trier, the oldest city in western europe.

Since then, the domain has served as an outdoor monastery, but the vines were already there. The unique location on a steep southern slope has therefore been perfectly suited for the cultivation of exceptional wines for centuries. The famous 'steillagen' viticulture dates back to the time of the romans, an approach that still produces top wines today. Add to that the excellent microclimate with a natural shelter and perfect soil that provides the vines with the warmth for the perfect ripening and a night coolness by the river saar and you immediately understand that here they have the perfect terroir and the romans were visionary. Top wines thrive here.

At the beginning of the 1800s, due to the secularization of napoleon, the domain came into noble hands until the belgian andy de baets and his wife lena bought the domain in 2016 from the von schubert family. Many years before the takeover, the domain was known for one of the best german sekt, a worthy alternative to champagne. It was marketed under the domain name "Hausen mabilon". 


      A View On The Future


 In the meantime, the wine estate covers about 14 hectares of vineyards and is being expanded even further. A new vinification area is under construction and many old buildings are undergoing renovation and are being prepared for the future. In the coming years, quality wines with respect for nature and the domain will remain the starting point. 

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In 2016, shortly after the purchase, the original name was reverted to and the name "Maximin Staadt" was reinstated. The dilapidated domain was upgraded and the old vines got a new life. For the owners, it was love at first sight and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, an impossible task according to some outsiders ...

The premise? Producing the very best wines again. The vineyards were renovated and it turned out that nothing had lost any of their quality. Thus, a German crown jewel was given a second life. The result? The first harvest saw the light of day in 2018 and the wine was immediately received to rave reviews. 

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      A historic village, beautiful wine and tourist attraction


Kastel-Staadt is a historic village where Romans and Celts ruled for years. According to legend, even Emperor Constantin spent several holidays here...


Wine may be central, but the domain and its surroundings also have a lot to offer for tourists. For example, on the hill behind the house is the famous "Klause", where King John the Blind is buried. It is one of the most famous monuments in the region with a wide and beautiful view over the Saar wine region. This place is full of history. Hikers, cyclists, bon vivants and culture enthusiasts: they all get their money's worth here. 


    What we strive for


Innovation is beautiful and necessary, but so is reverting to ancient knowledge and craftsmanship. We believe in authentically produced wines that unite historical knowledge and new techniques to achieve the optimal result: an astonishing wine by Maximin Staadt.


Only the best wine is good enough, if only so as not to shame the centuries-old splendor enjoyed by Saar wines. After all, top quality wines have been produced in this region for centuries and we want to continue that tradition.


Knowledge, passion and above all patience are the most important ingredients to achieve these fantastic wines. We are already passionate about wine and hope to convey that to your glass.

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